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BS Peyzaj San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. - ANA SAYFA

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Rulo Çim

Turf Grass

It is a living product produced in our farm with our technologically advanced equipments and experienced personnel. We use the best seed varieties to produce our sod which is harvested in various sizes.



Lawn Seed

BS PEYZAJ is driven to bring high-quality, value-added seed products to our customers that reduce maintenance and, therefore, save time and money. BS PEYZAJ services a wide range of quality turf, forage and native seeds for virtually any application, including reclamation sites, rangeland and pastures, lawns, parks, golf courses, sports facilities and sod farms.



Lawn and Plant Nutritions

The management of soil fertility can not be ignored when it comes to landscaping, creating a lawn and of course just gardening! The biggest concern in choosing a fertiliser is  to find the proper fertiliser which would not damage  your soil and your environment.


Çim Filesi

Sod Net

Encourage the production of rolled turf and sod grass

Sod Net is designed to encourage theproduction of both rolled turf andsod grass.